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  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: the sound of my brain dying! XD
  • Reading: fanfiction
  • Watching: Once Upon A Time
  • Playing: Pokemon
  • Eating: Pasta
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Tagged by althea9

1. Mood:  angry (because I lost the first part I had already did!)
2. Listening to: the clock ticking
3. Reading: Crossed
4. Watching: nothing
5. Eating: just finished lunch
1. Drinking: water

1. Choose 4 of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag 3 other people
4. Add one question of your own

I choose these:
Echo, Spirit, Reiko, Kio

A. How old are you?
Echo: I'm 7 years old
Spirit: I'm 2!
Reiko: 3 weeks *giggles*
Kio: …5 *glare*

B. Do you want a hug?
Echo: I do like a good hug
Spirit: HUGS!!
Reiko: I like getting hugs from my mommy
Kio: I don't like people touch me

C. Have any bad habits?
Echo: I yell at others sometimes
Spirit: I…I don't think I do
Reiko: mommy says that I'm too nice
Kio: bad habits you say? *smirk*

D. Are you a virgin?
Echo: *blush* no…I'm not
Spirit: nope! I gave it to Ultan ^_^
Reiko: what's a virgin?
Kio: not anymore

E. Do you have any kids?
Echo: yes. 3 boys and I did have 2 girls, I lost one though
Spirit: not yet but Ultan said I will have some
Reiko: I'm just a foal I don't have any…where do foals come from?
Kio: God no! Horrible little things and I don't plan on having any

F. What is your favorite food or drink?
Echo: good question, I do really like flowers
Spirit: I like whatever someone gives me
Reiko: I can only have my mommy's milk right now but crab looks yummy
Kio: What do you care what I like?

G. Have you killed anyone?
Echo: …yes *looks away*
Spirit: no! Never!
Reiko: I'm more worried something might kill me
Kio: wouldn't you like too no

H. Do you hate anyone?
Echo: I get angry at others but I can say I hate anyone
Spirit: nope I love everyone!
Reiko: I don't like Minuial must but I don't hate him
Kio: I like when others hate me, its more fun that way

I. Any secrets?
Echo: secrets…no I tell everyone everything. Except when I sneak into the forest *giggle*
Spirit: nope! Mommy says its not good to keep secrets
Reiko: I only keep secrets if its for a good reason
Kio: that's none of your business, my secrets are my own

J. Love anyone?
Echo: my wonderful mate Eidan
Spirit: I love my Ultan and Bri and my mommy and daddy too!
Reiko: I love my mommy! She's the best!
Kio: I'm not telling you and I don't love I just like what others can give me

K. What is your job?
Echo: I'm a healer
Spirit: Job?
Reiko: …what?
Kio: to anger others into doing want I want. Best job ever to me

L. Favourite season?
Echo: Spring, its when I can be really close to Eidan…if I'm not pregnant *giggle*
Spirit: um…winter! Cause I got to meet my mommy and daddy and I met Bri then too!
Reiko: Spring! I like the flowers and I got to meet lots of friends
Kio: anything but spring. I have my reasons!

M. Who's your best friend?
Echo: well I guess if I had to pick someone it would be my adoptive mom Allister
Spirit: My Bri!!
Reiko: Cormac! And Calien too!
Kio: don't have any don't need any

N. Hobbies?
Echo: um well I guess making blankets and baskets for the herd
Spirit: I like putting flowers in others hair does that count?
Reiko: playing!!
Kio: hobbies? Does f*cking count?

O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Echo: go find my sweet Eidan and snuggle with him while we watch the sun set
Spirit: go play with my Bri and Ultan!
Reiko: go to my mommy so I can go back to my friends
Kio: I might just lure Ultan into my dark forest *grins*

P. What is your eye color?
Echo: brown-blue
Spirit: blue
Reiko: green-blue
Kio: green

Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Echo: I out say I'm good…unless I'm in overdrive then I'm bad *lowers ears*
Spirit: GOOD!
Reiko: GOOD!
Kio: I'm bad to the bone and I love it *grins*

R. What is your greatest fear?
Echo: loosing another foal
Spirit: having my Bri not love me anymore
Reiko: mommy not being there
Kio: I don't have one

S. Does your name have a special meaning?
Echo: my parent originally named me Echo of lost dreams but now I'm Echo of future dreams. Echo for short
Spirit: that's just what my mommy called me before I was born
Reiko: my mommy told me my name means spiritual healing
Kio: nope! 'm just Kio no meaning to it

U. Any siblings?
Echo: I have a younger half brother on my moms side
Spirit: I have 2 little sisters even if Sora is lots bigger than me
Reiko: not yet I was mommy's first ever foal
Kio: hundreds!

V. Was it fun to answer all of these questions?
Echo: it was rather fun
Spirit: yes!
Reiko: can I go play now?
Kio: what she said *points up with a smirk*

W. Straight, Gay, or Equal Opportunity?
Echo: straight
Spirit: I like all!
Reiko: I don't know what those words mean no one will tell me yet
Kio: I'll take what's going but I like being taken more

X: How do you feel about your creator?
Echo: she's nice
Spirit: she tried to kill me! *pout*
Reiko: I like her she gave me a pretty mommy
Kio: I like her she lets me f*ck a lot and its so good!

Y: Any last words?
Echo: I think I want my next foal to be a filly
Spirit: me and Bri and going to have foals!
Reiko: where do foals come from?
Kio: I'm going to go f*ck now

Z: Do you want a last question ?
Echo: I wonder if Eidan will be up for the task *giggles*
Spirit: look at the butterfly! *runs away*
Reiko: Foals. Where?
Kio: BYE!

I tag anyone who wants to do it!!!



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